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National parks

National parks

Istria offers unique landscapes which are rich in all kinds of spectacular natural attractions such as national parks, islands, capes, reserves, caves, forest parks, natural monuments and protected landscapes. Some of these places are easily reachable and you can enjoy whole days immersed in the wonders of nature.

Brijoni National Park
Here you are offered the chance to discover a beautiful natural heritage by visiting the offshore islands by boat, or to enjoy the wonderful nature reserve park. The whole area is rich in natural fauna, archaeological sites, crystal clear waters and amazing beaches. On this island you can also try a unique experience by playing golf in the middle of an unspoiled natural reserve.

Kamenjak Cape
On the headland of the south, a large natural park where you can spend days on sea or on one of the many natural beaches, take bike tours or walk through the park discovering its beauty.

Lim Fjord
This fjord has both fresh and salt water and can be visited by a boat that offers you a really great experience. The fjord extends to the centre of Istria, where you can enjoy rich and varied vegetation and visit medieval towns such as Dvigrad, or simply stop to taste local products such as fresh and salted water fish.

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