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Local specialities

Local specialities

Istria offers a rich cuisine of local specialties such as the fish ‘brodet‘ or rich grilled meat barbecues including the famous ‘čevapčiči‘ or other specialties such as Istrian truffles, ham and home-made pasta. The love for genuine food is strongly tied to the local tradition, which is based on authentic flavours and local products accompanied by fine wines and home-made olive oils.

In the local ‘Konoba‘ you can still enjoy in the old traditional recipes, served up in abundant and delicious dishes. Other typical products that deserve to be tasted during your stay include the plum brandy ‘Sljivovica‘, the honey brandy ‘Medenica‘, the excellent truffles, the Vodnjan olive oil, the Istrian wine Malvazia and sweet Istrian fritters. You can discover many of these award-winning specialities travelling along the wine routes, olive oil and truffles touristic trails or simply visit the web site dedicated to Istrian gastronomy.

To follow you on your journey back home you can choose between the wonderful local artists' handcrafts items such as works made of olive wood or glass, paintings, sculptures and other unique creations that are proposed in the summer evening along the lighted streets of Pula, Rovinj, Rovinj and Rabac.