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Events and tradition

Events and tradition

There are many events and local festivals in south Istria that make the Istrian peninsula particularly interesting. Various themes, such as sports, music and film festivals, concerts, exhibitions and events that are related to food or art in general. In the fantastic scenery of Pula’s arena, events such as film festivals and summer concerts by famous international singers are held every year.

The smaller local events held in honour of the patron saints of each town are those that are more related to the history and the tradition of the country. These events are very picturesque with dance, music and traditional costumes accompanied by smaller markets, good wine and typical Istrian cuisine. Some of these are unique events throughout the year; others have been held for generations. This involve festivals where people of all ages, including locals and newcomers, gather.

In October, in Hreljici, when autumn shows its most beautiful colours, there is a patronal fest dedicated to the homonymous church of Hreljici, Our Lady of Health. This event has grown over the years and is deeply loved throughout the area. In the middle of summer we can find events such as the medieval festival in Barban or the Feast of San Rocco in Krnica, Petrovo Marcana, the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene in Mutvoran, and in the spring the traditional donkey race in Orbanici.

To discover the origins of Istria and have a unique experience you can visit one of the local fairs which usually take place monthly in smaller towns and are an interesting meeting point; the right place to be to taste a real Istrian tradition.

Some interesting events in Pula: